January 8, 2017


As you may (or may not) have noticed, I haven't updated this blog in almost a year. Sorry about that! Nothing bad happened, I just got tired of the same blog I had been writing for almost a decade. So in the spirit of the New Year I've decided to relaunch.

To start fresh I have moved my blog to new software on a new server. For now I will keep the old posts here and the new blog is at peterjacoby.wordpress.com I may take time in the future to merge the content together, but it was easier to start clean.

You'll find a few recent posts, plus links to photo albums from throughout 2016 (I was still taking photos and videos even if I wasn't posting them).

I'm still working out details about subscribing to updates and things like that, but for now this will be my last post on this site and all new content will be updated at


Thanks for continuing to follow me on this journey!

February 29, 2016

January and February

It hasn't really felt like winter, but it's also hard to complain about sunny days in the 50s. The girls did get one snow day from school, but at this point last year we had mountains of snow and spring was far off. Instead, Leap Day 2016 felt like spring with clear skies, birds chirping, and kids playing at the playground. Oh well, that's the fun of living in New England.

No major updates from these months, just life as usual with everyone doing well. It's not that nothing happens (far from it), it's just that I've found the process of sharing is changing as the girls, especially Hannah, get older. Knowing she can (and will) read these posts makes me a little cautious about both respecting her privacy and not wanting to brag about things that might embarrass her. Not that she actually cares that much I say, but I just find myself a little more hesitant about sharing. Maybe that will change, maybe it won't. But I have realized when I have fewer stories to share, I should at least continue to post photos so I'll try to keep an album per month and update it throughout the month with photos and videos.

Photos from January

Photos from February

Google has (finally) decided they are going with Google Photos and getting rid of Picasa. So links from now on will be to my pictures in the Google photos interface. It's very similar, but as with any change, it takes a little getting used to (for both you and me). Hopefully I'll figure out ways to set this up so it works well, but we'll figure it out as we go.

December 23, 2015

Season's Greetings

Happy Holidays! As the year comes to an end we look back at some of what has kept us busy in the past months. Mostly it's been everyday sort of stuff: board and card games are huge at our house these days, riding bikes, sports (gymnastics, soccer, swimming). We've also had some special times at Halloween, Thanksgiving, trips to see friends in Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Hannah is 8 but sometimes seems closer to those mysterious, scary pre-teen years that we hear are ahead. She is still fun-loving and well-behaved, most of the time. But when she's not in a good mood, she has a temper that comes out at the closest victim. A bout of anxiety-related sleeplessness (can kids really get insomnia?) seems to be resolved by changing their bunk-beds into side-by-side. Not sure why, but she's been sleeping so much better since the change, and they like the variety.

Caroline is not even 4 1/2 but already seems ready for kindergarten. It's interesting how the younger sibling is aware of elementary school in a way the oldest was not. Caroline knows that "real" school is only 9 months away (although that's a lifetime to a kid) and she couldn't be more excited. She continues to be the most expressive and enthusiastic kids whether it's for pajama day at school, taco Tuesday dinner, swimming, and most other activities. It's hard to say what she'll be like in a few years, but we really hope she maintains her exuberance for life.

Here are some videos of the girls in various activities:

Photos from the past months:




September 30, 2015

Starting the New Year

The calendar year may have another few months, but September always feels like a new start. School starts, Jeanne and I have birthdays, and this year we had a family wedding. Ending the summer with a trip to Denver for Auntie Leah's wedding was a fun end to a great summer and led us back into the packed schedule that is the school year.

Caroline, ever the bouncy kid, wanted her 4th birthday to be celebrated with bouncing. So she and her friends had a blast at Jump On In. Picture a warehouse with inflatable bounce houses, loud pop music, and over-excited preschoolers and you get a sense of the party. Here's a brief glimpse into the jumping fun:

We had all been looking forward to Auntie Leah's wedding for months (years?) and we had a blast all weekend. The girls did so well as flower girls, then dominated the dance floor (at least early hours):

Caroline and her new beau were so adorable dancing together:

September was a blur of activity (are you kidding it's October already?!?) with getting back into school (3rd grade is going great!), soccer (Hannah's all-girl team is dominating, with me coaching again), and gymnastics (Caroline too!). It's been a little too hectic in the past weeks with too activities on too many nights. Here's hoping things settle down a bit in the coming month (not likely, but I can hope).

I've broken the photos out into a few albums (click on the photos to see the larger version and the i icon to see the captions):

August Photos

Leah and Dan's Wedding

September Photos